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    Proofread a short website FAQ


    I started a website project and I wrote a FAQ, firstly in French (which is my native language) and then in English. I did my best to translate but I'm sure I made many mistakes. I don't need an exact translation from French, so anything that does not sound good in the english version can be rewritten.

    I need someone to proof-read the first part only (the 5 first articles) where I describe what the project is and how it works.

    Can someone please help me?

    The text can be found at the following URL (tell me if I need to copy-paste the text here, or maybe you can copy-and-paste the text in your answer?)

    Thank you very much (and by the way, I'm sad I found no website where I could help someone by proof-reading a french text to gain my right to have my english text proofread; that could be a good cooperative website to build?)

    David (snouffelaire)

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    Re: Proofread a short website FAQ

    Bonjour David

    Here is the first part of your article. . . and the rest now added. . . hope this is what you wanted!
    the words in blue are suggested additions.

    What is crab1?

    Crab1 is a new website created to gather news about where you live and events happening in your region. For example, an up and coming festival, the planning of a new concert hall, updates to a theatre programme, news about a band or a singer, etc.
    You can then browse the news on thiswebsite, or simply select what you’remost interested in, your favorite bands, groups, performances, concert halls in your area, theatres, cinema etc., and receive all related news by email.
    Because it takes too much time to browse regularly/the website will keep you informed of 15 halls and 20 bands; as no one wants to subscribe to as many newsletters.

    We want crab1 to be :
    - both a tool for users and fans: for example, so that you don't miss a concert or a new album of one of your favourite bands
    - and a tool for professionals, for example, so that museums and concert halls in your city/region can broadcast their program more widely
    We don't want crab1 to replace any other sites / media:
    - We encourage people to post summarised news of future events, with a link to a complete article on a 'real' site.
    - We don't want crab1 to host reviews or critiques as in specialised magazines.
    crab1 was initially made for music-related news, but it is now open to all sorts of subjects : cities, actors, football-teams, etc.

    Examples of use

    1 –For Example you may like White Stripes.
    White Stripes fan-sites exist, all providing news, and some providing a newsletter. Yet you did not subscribe to one of these newsletters, and you almost never visit these websites.

    Typically people like 30 different bands, and perhaps they'd like to know when one of them:
    - records a new disc
    - goes on tour - when and where
    - works on a parallel project - a movie, records a cover disc, etc
    - or when the band splits up...

    But most people don't want to subscribe to 30 different newsletters, and they certainly don't have time to visit 30 fan-sites regularly. That's why only a few thousand people subscribed to White Stripes newsletters, while hundreds of thousands wait for their next album.

    Crab1 allows you to select your 30 favourite artists, and receive all their news in one single newsletter, andyou can choose how often you wish to receive it.In this way we hope to reach many more people, than with regular a newsletter.

    The news will be input by someone involved in "White Stripes admin" in crab1, for example the owner/web-master of one of the White Stripes fan-sites. The news will consist of summaries with a link to the original article on a 'real' site, so there is no negative impact on existing sites.

    2 – Perhaps You like "2001: A Space Odyssey", but you missed seeing it at the cinema. Precisely; a small cinema in your city just got a copy and is showing the film this month.
    However, you maynot know the program of this small cinema, which just prints flyers and relies on word-of-mouth...

    We think that once registered, crab1 users will add local cultural institutions and points of interest to their newsletter/the website, which will increase andgreatly enhance their visibility.

    3 - Your city has a website which perhaps you never visit.
    Yet you'd love to know when a cinema closes, when a new museum is built, when a special exhibition is taking place, all these things interest you, but you never hear of them till they have been and gone. People who manage this website can post news in crab1 about your city. They can also maintain a 'sticky-notes' news-site that lists everything going on in the city that is being referenced in crab1, all that particular city's concert halls, cinemas, museums, galleries, theatres and performances etc, helping you toadd to your personalised newsletter anything and everything that may be of interest to you.

    4 – So now you can register with crab1 : you tell the website the country in which you live and the languages you speak, so that the site selects only relevant news for you. You select your favourite bands, groups, TV shows, your favourite magazines, concert halls, museums, cinemas in your city, festivals you attend, etc, and just forget about it, until you receive your newsletter from crab1 each month, or each week, or fortnight, as required and requested; your newsletter, containing all the news and events you want to know about and are interested in.

    Instead of speaking about 'the people' and what 'they' would do, or like to do... better to speak directly to your audience/readers and use the word 'you'.
    If you have any queries don't hesitate to ask.

    Bon Chance!
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    Re: Proofread a short website FAQ

    Hello Svaneska,

    Thank you very very much for your help! And I'm sorry about several errors that I could have corrected myself...

    I think I have a real problem with this word 'news' that seems to have no plural form... This is very different from french.

    'Merci beaucoup' again


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