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  1. trymie

    subject completment

    I need to know which of these are a subject complement. 1) the nurse felt my pulse. 2)I felt better 3) the day ended with many surprises 4) we cant leave without seeing her.

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    Re: subject completment

    Hi trymie

    A subject complement describes the subject; e.g., John is a teacher. Test: John = a teacher the noun phrase a teacher renames the noun John, so it's a subject complement--more formally, a "predicate nominal".

    Here's another example. John is happy. The adjective happy describes the person John, so it's a subject complement, more formally a "predicate adjective".

    Nouns and adjectives function as subject complements.

    Let's try the same test above with one of your examples:

    1) The nurse felt my pulse.
    Does my pulse rename nurse?
    the nurse = my pulse

    Now try the other examples on your own to get a feel for how the patterns work.

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