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    Re: Gordon Brown

    Good morning America, how are you? This is your favourite son, Chad Hanging, reporting. The President of Englandland, Norman Brown, is arriving in our nation's capital this afternoon to meet with President Bush. But just who is this guy? Let's cross to our special correspondent Brit Limey.

    Hey, Chad. As you can see, I'm standing in the world-famous Trafalgar Circus, with the House of Fayed directly behind me.
    So what can you tell us about Norman Brown?
    Well, Chad, he has been President for some nine months now. He used to be Chancellor.
    What, you mean he's, like, German?
    Q1 Who is Chad Hanging?

    Q2. Is Brown a Norman descendant? Why did the author label Mr. Brown Norman purposedly?

    Q3 Trafalgar Circus = Trafalgar Square? Any connotation?

    Q4 House of Fayed=?

    Thank you!

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    Re: Gordon Brown

    1 The first time President Push was elected there was a problem with 'hanging chads'. Voters in some areas had to punch holes for their choice: Chad (paper) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    It's a made-up name, not a person.
    2 When Jack Straw, then the Foreign Secretary, went to the US, journalists called him 'Jack Shaw'; the idea is simply that they don't know his name properly.
    3 Again, it's supoosed to show that the guy doesn't know much about the UK- he's mixing Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus.
    4 Fayed = the owner of Harrods (not in Trafalgar Square)

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    Re: Gordon Brown

    Hello, Tdol, thanks for your answers.

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