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    Media and Gender Stereotypes

    I am doing an essay on gender stereotyping with the media
    and i was told to revise my thesis but not much more. so i'm wondering if this is ok. When i read it the piece flows but I just wanted a better opinion.

    Males and Females have been and still are taught today to excel in different ways, by viewing the different forms of advertisements and magazines, then following in the footsteps of those models thus setting the stage for gender stereotyping.


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    Re: Media and Gender Stereotypes

    You seem to be mixing two different types of gender stereotype in the same sentence - occupational and sexual identity.
    'excel' suggests you are going to be writing about "...and be the best nurse you can, dearie" versus "only men make good pilots - I wouldn't trust a woman to be able to get a jumbo off the ground."

    Yet, magazines and adverts concentrate on consumer goods for him or her - boys toys versus whatever girls like - and products to enhance one's sexual attractiveness : silent, smouldering all-male virility versus sultry seductress with a dash of cheap vamp in a standard 42-32-36 container, shelf life very short.


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