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Thread: Linking words

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    Linking words

    Dear friends, could you help me? I've got an exercise, i 've done it but i am not sure of some answers. Could you have a look at it? Thanks in advance!
    Put the linking words: second, thus, finally, although, first, as a result, in addition to this, however

    New directions
    The European world of 1900 seemed remarkably stable, as did the English language. ......., the two world wars transformed Europe dramatically and changed the pattern of language. ......., society has changed since ww1, and the language has been a means for people to describe and cope with that change. ........, the impact of electronic communications on language was first felt between 1900 and 1940........ the effect became even more important by mid century.
    ........ technology has become the largest source of new words.
    Every new invention, every new device, and every new product needs a name. The military also introduces many new words into English.
    .............. the technical vocabulary of contemporary English is now larger than the entire English vocabulary at the time of Shakespeare.
    ............... the twentieth century may well be an age of massive change in English usage, .......... it will be some time before that can be known with certainty.

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    Re: Linking words

    Could you attempt to fill in the gaps and one of the users will proofread it?

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