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    English Reading For Intermediate

    I'm an upper intermediate student, I'd like to read simplified books but I can't find any on the internet.
    Please, write sites, where I can read simplified books. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: English Reading For Intermediate

    You may find some free children's books on the internet, but you will not find much that is in copyright. Authors have to live!

    What sort of books are you looking for in particular?

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    Re: English Reading For Intermediate

    You may find complete e-books of famous authors on the net, especially old ones because they have their copyright expired. Copyright expires 70 years after the end of the year of the creator's death.

    Personally, I like,

    in this books session they release the first chapters of new books. The big deal about this site is that if you double click the word it opens a pop-up window with the menaing of the word . Very useful.

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