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Thread: rise / raise

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    rise / raise


    please could you explain to me the difference if there is any?

    rise / raise

    Thank you,

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    Re: rise / raise

    Quote Originally Posted by Tapies View Post

    please could you explain to me the difference if there is any?

    rise / raise

    Thank you,
    see this:
    Raise or Rise?

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    Re: rise / raise

    As a Brit and mentor, but not a teacher, my best way of explaining the basic difference is essentially that by "raising something, you cause it to rise".

    Perhaps my good old standby of the OED would help here with the corresponding definitions:

    AskOxford: rise

    verb (past rose; past part. risen)

    1 come or go up.
    2 get up from lying, sitting, or kneeling.
    3 increase in number, size, intensity, or quality.
    4 (of land) slope upwards.
    5 (of the sun, moon, or stars) appear above the horizon.
    6 reach a higher social or professional position.
    7 (rise above) succeed in not being restricted by.
    8 (rise to) respond adequately to (a challenging situation).
    9 (often rise up) rebel. (of a river) have its source. be restored to life. chiefly Brit. (of a meeting or a session of a court) adjourn.

    1 an act or instance of rising.
    2 an upward slope or hill.
    3 Brit. an increase in salary or wages.
    4 the vertical height of a step, arch, or incline.
    get (or take) a rise out of informal provoke an angry or irritated response from.
    on the rise
    1 increasing.
    2 becoming more successful. rise and shine informal wake up and get out of bed promptly.


    AskOxford: raise


    1 lift or move to a higher position or level.
    2 set upright.
    3 increase the amount, level, or strength of.
    4 promote to a higher rank.
    5 cause to be heard, felt, or considered: doubts have been raised.
    6 build (a structure).
    7 collect or levy (money or resources).
    8 generate (an invoice or other document).
    9 bring up (a child). breed or grow (animals or plants). wake from sleep or bring back from death. abandon or force to abandon (a blockade, embargo, etc.). drive (an animal) from its lair. Brit. informal establish contact with (someone), especially by telephone or radio.
    (raise something to) Mathematics multiply a quantity to (a specified power).

    noun chiefly N. Amer. an increase in salary.

    raise hell informal make a noisy disturbance.
    raise the roof make a great deal of noise, especially cheering.

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    Re: rise / raise

    i am just a student.

    1) rise = when the object to be lifted do it by itself

    the sun rises at 6 a.m.

    nobody/nothing lifts the sun on the sky. it do it by itself. nothing "raises" the sun. the sun rise.

    the elephant rose

    the elephant was asleep laying on the floor. it woke up and lifted by itself. the elephant "rose".

    2) raise = when the object to be lifted needs an external agent to be lifted

    raise your hand.

    a hand can't be lifted by itself. a hand can't "rise". it needs someone to activate the muscles in the arm/body so that it can be "raised".

    the elephant was raised

    the elephant is dead laying on the middle of the street. a crane comes and lifts the elephant. the elephant was "raised".

    i am just a student. sorry if i am wrong.

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