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    A question about email?

    In what circumstances do you use 'Regards', 'Best wishes', and 'All the best' in emails?

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Re: A question about email?

    All the expressions given by you are perfectly okay for e-mails. They are informal closings.

    If I have had previous contact with the recipient, I would mostly use 'best regards', 'best wishes' and would consider that expression to be formal but not as stodgy sounding as 'yours sincerely' for example (especially in mails). I could also use 'best regards' when writing to friends or relatives unless I want to sound particularly informal or breezy.

    Note also that with the coming of e-mails the mail is less formal and becomes more chatty. This brings a tendency for less structure and more informality than usually in a letter.

    It all depends on the relationship between you and the recipient. Personal, close or formal?
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