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Thread: Some questions

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    Some questions

    1) In Batman Return the movie, I heard one say:
    "Mr Wayne, if you don't want to tell me exactly what you're doing/ when I'm asked, I don't have to lie"
    (the character stopped at "/" and then continue the rest of the sentence... But what does he mean by that?

    2) If the dense forest is even selectively logged, it loses its insulating properties and dooms of the butterfly

    What is the structure for the bold: adj+ adv+ adj ?

    3) can we say: The little town is nestled (snugly) at the foot of the hill. instead of The little town nestles (snugly) at the foot of the hill.
    What I'm asking here is whether we can use nestle in those way and is there any differences, if any, when we add snugly to them?

    4) It's an essay topic:
    Topic: Many older ppl say that young ppl have never had it so good, while young ppl argue that it is harder than ever for them to survive in the modern world. Perhaps there is a grain of truth in both viewpoints. Discuss both opinions and decide who, if any one, is right

    Have it so good, what does it mean here? I assume it means achivements, aren't they?

    Thanks in advance
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    Re: Some questions

    2/ If the dense forest is logged, even selectively,it will lose it's insulating properties and cause the destruction of the butterfly's habitat.

    3/ Either is ok, with or without 'snugly'.

    4/ 'Never had it so good' is a phrase which means that conditions of life have never been so good.

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