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    Spring In Uppsala

    This poem I have dedicated to Svaneska, Angelka, Bea, RonBee, Susieddqq and the other kind hearted people who are helping us on this forum.

    Spring in Uppsala

    Still not a single leaf on the branches

    On the damp soil appear first flowers

    like timid virgins.

    Along the river,

    young men and women, students, pairs of lovers

    enjoy their first sunbeams this year,

    unaware of the traps life has sat in front of them.

    Newly arrived refugees walk the streets,

    gazing in disbelief at a huge number

    of half naked women.

    Their penises react immediately.

    They believe this place is paradise.

    In Spring I like to keep the blinds down

    I do not care about the warm sunny days

    Sweden makes me sick.

    The pain of my soul

    moves me beyond time and space

    I am in my orchard playing with my dog

    under the trees in blossom

    waiting for my father's return from his job.

    In one hand he is carrying a bag with bones

    for the dog and in the other my favourite chocolate.

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    Re: Spring In Uppsala

    Thank your for the dedication!
    I enjoy your poetry.

    May I suggest: ?

    unaware of the traps life has set for them.

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