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    how do you read this number?

    Hello! I am just confused with how to read number in English..
    I know how to read $ 100,000 (one hundred thousand dollars-hope it is correct)

    But I have no clue on how to read these following numbers--$ 200,100 and $ 201,300

    and.. what about the year? 'In 2120, ...' Is it correct to read twenty one twenty, dividing into two digits?

    Ooops.. It is just so confusing to me! Help me, please.
    Do you have any tips on reading numbers with ease?

    Thank so you much in advance. Your help will be really appreciated!!

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    Re: how do you read this number?

    1/ Two Hundred Thousand One Hundred Dollars.
    2/ Two Hundred and One Thousand Three Hundred Dollars

    Twenty One Twenty is perfectly correct.

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