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  1. godblessyou

    About the third-person's "S"


    Why do not we put "S" at the end of such sentences? :

    - It is important that the reader study this figure.
    - We recommend that the teacher ask his students to ......

    What is the rule ??

    thank you..

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    Re: About the third-person's "S"

    Quote Originally Posted by godblessyou View Post
    Why do not we put "S" at the end of such sentences?
    Because with verbs like suggest, recommend, insist and adjectives like important, essential, imperative, crucial, vital you may also use the subjunctive instead of should + infinitive or normal tense forms.

    The subjunctive can only be distinguished from the indicative in three circumstances:
    1. in the third person singular of the present tense,
    2. with the verb to be in the present tense, and
    3. in the first person singular and third person singular of verb to be in the past tense.
    eg. to study

    present indicative
    I study he/she/it studies we/you/they study

    present subjunctive
    I study he/she/it study we/you/they study

    The subjunctive isn't really used very often in contemporary English unless you want to sound very formal.

    There are ,hoever , a few fixed expressions which require the subjunctive.

    hope this helps.

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