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    please help

    i tried to do this 3 times, please help!!!!!!!!!!

    Directions: From the copy of the article below, note that
    There are 9 dependent clauses or phrases numbered and bracketed.
    Cut and paste these onto your response.
    Label each with the abbreviation of its structure.

    Submission example: (1) [this endangered forest is being ground up] Select an abbreviation from below and label it.

    Use these abbreviations for the structures:
    N Cl
    Adj Cl
    Adj Phr
    Adv Cl
    Adv Phr

    Making Victoria Blush

    “Canada’s boreal forest is the largest expanse of wildlands in North America, and it’s being logged at an alarming rate. We found out
    (1) [this endangered forest is being ground up] to make mail-order catalogs. Fifty-nine billion catalogs go out every year in the United States, and 95 percent are immediately thrown away!

    “One of the companies (2) [we were most concerned about] was Victoria’s Secret
    (3) [because it sends out a million catalogs every single day], more than any other business we know of.

    “So we set up a Web site, Victoria’s Dirty Secret, and called for a day of action in front of its stores across the country.
    Instead of your typical protest rally, people were wearing lingerie and angel wings─but holding chainsaws.

    “We ran a full-page ad in the New York Times with a woman dressed like a Victoria’s Secret model with a chainsaw. The ad got a lot of attention and even a spot on the Today show.

    (4) "[Since we’ve started,] Victoria’s Secret has begun meeting with us on a regular basis─one day we’re protesting out front, and the next we’re in the boardrooms. With corporate campaigns, you can make really big changes very fast. Victoria’s Secret took a step in the right direction and put its discount catalogs, 24 million a year, on postconsumer recycled paper. To us, that meant two things: The company is hearing our message, and (5) [what we are asking it to do] is possible. We said, “It’s great about the 24 million, but what about the rest?”

    (6) [ Being a well recognized catalog company,] Victoria's Secret is making the news even with this small step toward conservation.

    (7) "[As we pressure Victoria’s Secret,] other catalog companies are watching (8) [what it does.] We want companies
    competing to be the greenest.”─interview by Orli Cotel

    Note this big savings: (9) [ If the catalog industry switched to paper with 10 percent post-consumer recycled content,] it would save
    851,000 tons of wood annually─enough to build a six foot fence across the United States seven times.

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    Re: please help

    Why don't you show us what you have done? We don't do assignments for people.


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