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    semantics' research

    Hello everyone,

    I'm very pleased to be one of the members of this forum.
    actually, I'm doing a research in semantics I want the non literal use of these words, such as metaphors, similes, proverbs,idioms, or anything that is non literal.I mean how we express the meaning of these words in a non literal way. The answer does not have to be from standard English, it could be slang or colloquial English. Here are the words:

    1. ways to express certainty such as I bet you, I'm 100% sure of something.
    2. expressions to say that someone is brave or to talk about bravery in general such as brave as a lion.
    3.expressions to say that something is very old and it cannot be used any more i.e something withered.
    4. expressions to talk about clothes ande appearances such as you are shinning like a new penny.
    5. expressions to lessen the importance or the magnitude of someone such as he does not worth a penny.
    6. expressions of guilt
    Thanks a lot for everyone

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    Re: semantics' research

    1 make no mistake/and you can quote me/in the bag/dead cert/

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