Hello. I need some help with celta preinterview task. II know the mistakes,
however, I have no idea how to explain them easily. I'm new
to all teachers' world so please help me :( I've got some ideas for the answers but the biggest problem for me is to explain to students so they understand. could anyone help me please:(Each of the exchanges below contains a mistake. In each case:
a) indicate what the mistake is
b) write in the correct version in the box
c) write, in simple terms, an explanation that the student would understand

1) "I'd like some informations about your courses".
"Certainly, here's our brochure".
informations is a mistake. it is an uncountable noun and plural itself so we don't add "s" to the plural form.
2) "What does your teacher look like?"
"He looks like tall".
looks like is a mistake. we say he is tall. (no idea how to explain that)
3) "What did you do last night?"
"Oh, I watched a very bored programme on television".
bored is a mistake. we say boring. we use the present participle (don't know again)
4) "Why didn't you answer the telephone?"
"Because I had a bath".
I was having a bath..should be.. becase we say the reason?

Imagine you are teaching a multilingual group of 12 adult learners at BEGINNER level.
a)What problems might your students have in (i) understanding,
(ii) pronouncing and (iii) using these items?

i) I've got a headache. (have got..possession?)
ii) comfortable (pronouncing table(as an object of a classroom)
iii) What's the matter?(matter=issue?)