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    Red face A sad story

    i want you to check this sentence if it is correct. plese.

    This story is happened in Baltimore, America, and it is story that we can still
    hear and see around us like drama on TV.

    the main character is Macon. He lost his son a few years ago by a man with a weapon. So he tried no to be frustrated everyday, and he became indifferent toward everything like metting new people and even his wife.

    Sarah is Macon's wife. she is sensitve and thoughtful, so she got really painful mentally after hearing that her son is killed. she decided to separate from Macon because she thought he did not much care about his son's death.

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    re: A sad story

    Hi Flyby

    This story happened in Baltimore, USA, and it is a story that is still being told, and has even been dramatized on TV.

    The main character Macon lost his son a few years ago to a man with a weapon. He had a hard time dealing with this and became indifferent toward everything and everyone, even his wife.

    Sarah, Macon's wife, is sensitve and thoughtful. She was deeply devastated after hearing that her son was killed, and decided to separate from Macon because of it. She thought he did not care about his son's death.

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    Re: A sad story

    That is a sad story.

    It happened in Baltimore, Maryland, in the United States.

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