Hello, could you check my motivation letter(for the erasmus project) and tell me if it is correct? thank you in advance :)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a biology student from AB University (Rome), Iím graduated in Ecology and Iím actually attending to the first year of the Master (equivalent to 4th year) in Ecology and Evolution.
I am writing to apply for the Erasmus project for the next academic year, at the Institute of Environmental Science (CML) of the faculty of Science in Leiden Univeristy.

Iíll give you some information about my background:
I have raised in a small town in the centre of Sardinia; I ever been interested in biology and environmental problems and at the same time I wanted to live in a bigger city that could give me more opportunities, so I decided to leave my town and go to study in Rome at AB University, where I found a bachelor course that reflected exactly my interests.
I ever been also interest in applying to Erasmus project because, as Iíve done some years ago when I came to Rome, I would like to do a period of study out of my country, and have the possibility to improve my knowledge of English and to learn another language.
Iíve chosen to apply for Leiden University because this is a prestigious university and one of the oldest and most important in Europe, and itís excellent rating for research make me sure that this would be strongly enrichment experience, both for my studies as well as for my future job.
Iíve visited and red with great attention the ďInstitute of Environmental ScienceĒ(CML) website, and I found very interesting the possibility to do a training research project in contact with other biology students, an experience that would be very stimulant for me.
Precisely I would be interested in doing a research project in ďrisk assessment of exotic invasive speciesĒ, which I would turn into a thesis in my home-country University.
I think that this topic is of a great importance for the sustainable use of the environment, which is one of the main objectives of applied ecology, and I would like to improve my knowledge about this theme, not only from an ecological point of view but also considering the economic and social themes, that are beyond every environmental problem, and about the procedures of risk assessment.

Applying in Erasmus project in Leiden would also give me the opportunity to spend a period in a beautiful and friendly town, in a country that attract me for itís being so tolerant and open-minded, to come in touch with Dutch culture and kindness, and to meet many other students from other European countries and know other ways of life.

So, in conclusion, I think this would be a very formative experience, as a student as well as a person.

I look forward a your positive response,

My best regards