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    Question The audience was amazed, ____________?

    there's been a huge debate among teachers in my language centre regarding the appropriate tag question for
    The audience was amazed, __________?

    personally, i think the answer should be
    weren't they?

    what do you think?
    some teachers said it's supposed to be "wasn't it" or "wasn't he."
    i guess we really need some help here, and if you could also please post your reference, it would be much more helpful.


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    Re: The audience was amazed, ____________?

    No reference required. The tag mirrors the subject-verb pair in the main clause:

    The audience was amazed, wasn't it?
    The audience were amazed, weren't they?

    Elipsis (...)
    The audience was amazed (the people I mean), weren't they?

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    Re: The audience were amazed, problem solved?

    Since 'audience' is a collective noun, then it may take a plural verb, in British English at least, which would give us: "The audience were amazed, weren't they?".

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    Re: The audience was amazed, ____________?

    As Soup points out, it can take either.

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    Talking Re: The audience was amazed, ____________?

    thanks for that. i think it depends also on the country the speaker is from. canadian, british and american english differ in many ways.
    anyway, we've got it settled already.
    thanks really.

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