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    Using "voice" and Online Learning


    I was wondering what other teachers think about their students (and themselves) using online, voice chat/conferencing? For both teaching and learning?

    I'm not talking about complicated setups like Skype or "unsafe" applications like messengers......rather a secure chat room with private rooms with state of the art voice/camera.

    Usually costs hundreds of dollars but the technology has got better. If you have a moment, check out the one I set up - I'd like to know teacher's opinion. Fully safe - only be seen by those you wish, heard by those you wish. Private rooms for teachers/students.

    For the moment, it has public access and guest login. Check it out here.

    Looking forward to finding out what you all think.


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    Re: Using "voice" and Online Learning

    i feel it is very useful to use online course along side the traditional one. For students, the online learning increases their motivation, builds their confidence and helps them become more independent. It also points out their strong and weak points. By using online learning, studnets will get to know about each other and will share their ideas together.

    I'm doing a research about online course :P thats what made me little interested in this thread

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    Re: Using "voice" and Online Learning

    Does private mean that no records at all are stored of the chat?

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