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    Cool Close to the edge

    What is it understood for a story close to the edge,very close to the characters.


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    Re: Close to the edge

    If it's close to the edge, it is very near the limit, though without knowing more it is hard to say what the limit is, but it is some it could be entering taboo areas, unpleasant psychology, etc

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    Re: Close to the edge

    Hi bushwhacker,

    There are some more inpretentious suppositions concerning the matter in question. I wish I don’t incur the anger of some NES’ which are in an unremitting fighting trim ready to vent their righteous anger onto me.

    close to the edge – at the end of o’s tether, on one’s last legs,

    She stood at the edge of the crater. (close to the edge of the crater = on the brink of the precipice)

    (advantage ) at edge, on a edge –
    To gain a competitive edge on somebody.

    To take the edge off one’s appetite. = To satisfy one’s appetite partially.

    To be on edge = to be tense
    To be close to the edge = to be close to the utmost limit.
    To be close to the edge = to be close to the breaking point.
    To be close to the edge = there is a limit to everything

    edge = the line or part where something begins or ends; border or margin. Also: the sharp cutting part.

    Alice found her best shells on the shoreline closest to the edge of the sea.

    But now, drawing back to the edge of the table, gradually lower your eye (thus bringing yourself more and more into the condition of the inhabitants of Flatland), and you will find the penny becoming more and more oval to your view, and at last when you have placed your eye exactly on the edge of the table (so that you are, as it were, actually a Flatlander) the penny will then have ceased to appear oval at all, and will have become, so far as you can see, a straight line.

    on the edge
    1. In a precarious position.
    2. In a state of keen excitement, as from danger or risk: “the excitement of combat, of living on the edge”



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