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    My boss is writing a letter and she has 12 people on her cc list. Other than putting those name in albhabetical order, is there anything else? The list looks so long at the bottom of the letter. In the body of the letter, she's listing these same people as well.

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    Re: Question

    Whatever appears in the body of the letter e.g. "...and I will send a copy to (list of the 12 people)", you would still need to give the 12 names in the cc section.
    My only suggestion would be, does your boss have to give the names in the body of the letter - can he/she say, I will forward this information to the other member of the team/committee and.."

    It is then apparent from the names in the cc section who these team members are.

    If on the other hand, the letter is informing the person, just who the members are comprising the team, and the cc letters are letting the team know she has written to this other person, that's it I'm afraid - just type the names once, and Cut and Paste into the cc section!

    Otherwise, it is two separate letters. One to this 'person', without a cc, and one to the next most senior team member, with cc to the rest.
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    Re: Question

    Sorry, David, perhaps I misunderstood, but the "cc list" would appear on the original letter to the primary recipient. That list doesn't appear only if they are bcc.

    You can set them up in two, or even three, columns if you want:

    cc: Amy Adams Jack Jones
    Barbara Bennet Kelly Kerns
    Callie Crawford Lisa Leonard

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    Re: Question

    I took it the boss had them on the cc list and this was immutable!

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    Re: Question

    Quote Originally Posted by David L. View Post
    I took it the boss had them on the cc list and this was immutable!
    cc's would not be addressed in the letter. They would not be cc'ed, but addressed individually.

    Dear Messrs. Hartman, Jones, Wong, and Ms. Jansen

    Dear Ms. Jansen,
    Jason Blakeman
    cc: Mr. Hartman
    Mr. Jones
    Mr. Wong

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