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Thread: its & it's

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    its & it's

    what is the diffrent between its and it's?

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    Re: its & it's

    Quote Originally Posted by Danajapan
    what is the diffrent between its and it's?

    its is one word. Use its to express possession, like this,

    The dog's house ~ Its house.
    John's house ~ His house.

    it's is a contraction of two words: it + is. The symbol ', which is called an apostrophe, takes the place of the vowel "i":

    It is => It's

    Use it's to express it is, like this,

    It's raining. ~ It is raining.
    It's his house. ~ It is his house.
    It's the dog's house. ~ It's its house.

    All the best, :D


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