Here next is part of what I've just written, could you guys help me check them out and let me know what should be revised to make it better to understand. And please let me know if there are any grammatical mistakes.

1. Training the learners learning strategies.
Teaching strategies are not (), but interactive with learning strategies because they should have ultimate effects. So itís a question to have teaching or learning considered when plotting the network-based English teaching strategies. The researchers have different perspectives because of different angles. However, I tend to put the focus on considering how the learners study, meaning how could make the teaching strategies be carried out among the learners much better. Itís better to put teaching strategies into practice and reduce the phenomenon that network-based learning is inefficient to a certain extent, if the learners could receive the training on learning strategies.

The following parts of learning strategies should be prioritized in the process of designing teaching strategies. Like setting up the target, establishing the plans, selection of strategies, self-control, self-estimate, and self-regulation. has made some attempts in this aspect. Firstly, thereís a specific target in the program introduction. Secondly, this website would not only help the learners set up the learning plans, but also carry through the teaching as planned. Then, the moderators (role as teachers) would elaborate on what to do, how to do, when to do and why. Offering the learners comparatively optimized learning strategies. In the end, the learners would be required to complete self-control and self-estimate by keeping log of learning everyday. However, itís necessary to train the learners on the strategies of self-regulation ( has not accomplished this point). And it will be hard to meet the goal if they could not be helped to do self-adjustment. Or itís likely to get derailed from the target, perhaps the strong would get much stronger and weaker be much weaker.