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Thread: confused??

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    Question confused??

    I'm having a problem with the "English" english related to a course I'm taking!?
    In the sentences " Amy must be doing well. I've heard nothing but good things about her."
    Am I correct in assuming that 'MUST' is MODAL & 'BE' is a primary aux. verb as contained in the first sentence?......and that the HAVE of 'I've' is also a primary aux. verb in the second?

    ( I must confess that I'm starting to have subliminal pain in my knuckles, brought on by eight years of nuns with rulers.......HELP, stop the pain!)
    signed .....B.

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    Re: confused??

    Did you just want the answers to the questions about the parts of speech, or are you having difficulty understanding the sentiment of the statements? I am not sure that I can answer regarding modality and auxiliary verbs as I am not a teacher.

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