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Thread: about "dismiss"

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    about "dismiss"

    Please teach me if this usage is correct or not.

    " She was dismissed as chairperson. "

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    Re: about "dismiss"

    Quite correct.

    The crop circles were dismissed as being an elaborate hoax.

    do a "dismissed as" (be sure to include the quotation marks) in Google, and read up other examples of its usage.

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    Re: about "dismiss"

    Dear David L.

    Thank you very much for your answer.

    Please let me ask more about this.

    When a person get discharged one's official position,
    do you use "be dismissed from " ?

    If so, which is popular to use " be dismissed as "
    or " be dismissed from " ?

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    Re: about "dismiss"

    a person would be dismissed as (title of their official capacity) e.g. chairman, Dean, CEO, School Principal

    a person is dismissed from a team, the Women's Institute, Brown University, Microsoft, Sunnybrook School for Girls.

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    Re: about "dismiss"

    Hi ivygreen,

    There are some more examples concerning the matter in question. I hope they help you up.

    dismiss (v) = to remove someone from their job [= fire, sack] , send away (from one’s employment, from service)

    dismiss somebody from something
    Bryant was unfairly dismissed from his post.
    To be dismissed from the army.
    He was dismissed from his job.
    The servant was dismissed for being lazy and dishonest.
    The officer was dismissed from the service for neglect of duty.
    I was dismissed for being late.
    The fast bowler dismissed the next batsman for six runs.

    dismiss something as something
    He just laughed and dismissed my proposal as unrealistic.
    Interior minister Rumen Petkov may be dismissed as deputy chairman of the BSP at the upcoming extraordinary party congress.
    Van Gundy dismissed as Rockets coach.
    He was dismissed as incompetent.




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