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    wasn't invited/ hadn't been invited

    The following is one of China's provinces' college entrance examination questions:
    --George and Lucy got married last week. Did you go to their wedding?
    --No, I _____. Did they have a big wedding?
    A. was not invited B. have not been invited
    C. hadn't been invited D. didn't invite

    The given answer is C. But I would think the past perfect was not very necessary because the listener wouldn't be mixed up. I'd like to have chosen A. Am I right?

    Could I ask native English speakers to help me please? Thank you in advance.

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    Re: wasn't invited/ hadn't been invited

    The more of these questions from that exam you post, the more I realize I would fail their entrance exam!

    I agree with you. Most native speakers would reply, "I wasn't invited" - a simple statement of fact. You receive an invitation in the mail, or you don't.

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