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    about pronunciation

    hi,i'm eddy.A member of this nice site.
    Please,can you make the difference of pronunciation between two words for me.The both words are ''morning'' and '' mourning''.I have some problems when pronunciate those words.
    Thanks avance.!

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    Re: about pronunciation

    You are having no problem differentiating some subtle difference - they are pronounced the same way! It is the context of the conversation and the syntax which tells the listener which word you mean eg

    (Talking about somebody having died and...)
    He is in mourning versus He is in morning???? - that 'is in morning' doesn't make sense
    (Talking about the arrival of somebody...)
    He's coming in the morning versus He's coming in the mourning??? - doesn't make sense. But in the context of a death, it would be clear what you were meaning if you said, He's coming in the mourning party.
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    Re: about pronunciation

    I would suggest you try the Free Dictionary, which not only has phonetic pronunciations but also soundbites, although in this case they are pronounced the same:

    mourning - definition of mourning by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia.

    If you try the search for both words, you will find that they can both be pronounced the same, but, if you want to stress the difference, as it may not be apparent from the context, you can lengthen the vowel in the 1st sylable in "mourning". This is identified in the phonetics, but not in the soundbite.

    Hope this helps.

    PS DavidL: Mine crossed with yours.

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