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Thread: need help

  1. hanooof

    Red face need help

    how are you all
    i need to know the meaning of some phrases and words please
    1- psyche
    dose it mean soul or more than that??
    2- pollyannish
    3-a ceiling fan/light combination
    4- "rose-colored glasses" syndrome
    5- a spirit of genuine belief
    6- overwhelmed
    7-brought on by

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    Re: need help

    As a Brit and mentor, but not a teacher, my interpretation is as follows:

    1- psyche
    psyche - definition of psyche by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia.
    1. The spirit or soul.
    2. Psychiatry The mind functioning as the center of thought, emotion, and behavior and consciously or unconsciously adjusting or mediating the body's responses to the social and physical environment.

    2- pollyannish
    Pollyannish - encyclopedia article about Pollyannish.
    The Pollyanna principle or Pollyannaism describes the tendency for people to agree with positive statements describing them. It is sometimes called positivity bias.
    The concept as described by Matlin and Stang in 1978 used the archetype of Pollyanna, a young girl with infectious optimism.

    3-a ceiling fan/light combination
    Exactly what it says, it is an inexpensive, suspended, long-bladed, non-enclosed, ceiling fan that includes a lamp or lamps. It normally has a means of adjusting the fan speed to regulate the degree of cooling. It's used to provide a gentle degree of cooling without resorting to high power consumption air conditioners. Particularly useful in open air restaurants.

    4- "rose-colored glasses" syndrome
    I've regularly come across it as "rose-tinted spectacles", which means looking at the world from a very optimistic viewpoint.

    5- a spirit of genuine belief
    I've regularly come across this in the negative, as: "a spirit of genuine disbelief" i.e. the person concerned just could not believe what their eyes were seeing - it was so far remote from the norm.

    6- overwhelmed = overcome, as in "overwhelmed with grief"

    7-brought on by = caused by

    Hope this helps


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    Re: need help

    Quote Originally Posted by hanooof View Post
    how are you all
    i need to know the meaning of some phrases and words please
    1- psyche
    dose it mean soul or more than that?? It is not the soul but the mind, or the deepest thoughts, feelings or beliefs of a person or group

    2- pollyannish "Polyanna" was a character in a children's book written last century, who was always doing good things for other people and always saw them in the best light. It is used to suggest that someone is too good to be true.

    3-a ceiling fan/light combination A fitment which contains both a light and a fan>>

    4- "rose-colored glasses" syndrome To see something through rose-tinted glasses implies that you always see things in an optimistic way.

    5- a spirit of genuine belief Context would be useful, but seems to mean that something is regarded as genuinely true.

    6- overwhelmed It's all too much, and you cannot cope any more.

    7-brought on by Context would help, but probably means that you are feeling in a particular way because something has happened. "His sickness was brought on by eating too many sweets too quickly".


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