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    I need your help

    Hi everybody
    I'm working on my term paper, and the general idea of it is by looking at the media's using of language, we can have an understanding of medias' characteristics. eg, your media will use a lot of critical words but Chinese medias don't. So here it indicates the characteristic of critical views, this is diferent from our Chinese medias, because we only report good things while you report the negative side of things, especially the gov's. This is just one character, and I need more of such kind.

    So I need 4 references, books or articles, both will do. I really don't know where to start and I'll appreciate your help. Thanks a million.

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    Re: I need your help

    Media, particularly newspapers, will sell more copies if they appeal to/prey upon people's emotions. They do this by the use of emotive language - so, people who set bombs to explode in cities are not 'bombers', but 'terrorists' and 'cowardly terrorists'.

    People entering a country without visas or any form of authorization are not termed 'undocumented immigrants' or 'unauthorized immigrants', but 'illegal aliens'.

    Media also encourages/reinforces the idea that when something goes wrong, point the finger of blame. So, whenever some government minister blunders, the papers call for a blood sacrifice - his immediate resignation. At the same time, there is growth of the “it’s not my fault” syndrome, and pointing the finger of blame elsewhere. What reinforces this are the headlines worded :
    ICY ROADS BLAMED FOR 3 DEATHS. The icy roads didn’t “kill” anybody. Someone's inability to drive, or someone's stupidity for driving in those conditions is what killed 3 people. It is the difference between taking personal responsibility and pointing the blame away from ourselves. (This leads to the situation in the States, where people rush to litigation whenever they have a hope of blaming someone/some company with deep coffers for circumstances that might be attributable to their stupidity. The latest instance is someone who put his new MotorHome on cruise control as he belted down the highway, and left the wheel to go back inside to make a cup of coffee. It crashed. His defence? He thought 'cruise control' was the same as putting a plane on automatic pilot, and that the car would drive itself. He won his case.


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