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    if I had a conversation with X I would say after this conversation "I talked with X". Right? Does "I talked to X" have the same meaning? Or maybe it means that the communication occured only in one direction (I talked and X didn't)?

    Are there any differences between "talk" and "speak" in this matter?

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    Re: Conversation

    Hi LeszekN

    talk with = to share information

    talk to = to be given information

    In my opinion, talked and spoke express similar meanings; however, in terms of register, talk is often used, but not always, when the speakers are familiar with each other. As a result, spoke tends to be used in formal situations:

    Ex: I talked to Dad about getting a loan. (familar)
    Ex: I spoke to Dad about getting a loan. (formal matter)

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    Re: Conversation

    I would use talk to where the speech is one way, such as a teacher in a classroom, or a reply is perhaps not required.

    But in a two-way conversation I would say speak with, or even discuss with.


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    Re: Conversation


    Dave, Soup - thank you for your replies
    By the way: soup is a cool nickname (in my opinion of course)

    Best regards

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