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    snob factor


    This Italian restaurant was packed, and noisy, and the air smelled amazing. Wait staff with while bib aprons over their street clothes, moved at a turtle pace as they carried trays loaded with food to tables or hauled away empty plates.

    When wait staff didn't have to bust ass for tips, Eve had to figure it all came down to the food or the snob factor. From the looks of the process here, and the simplicity of decor, the food must be superior.

    What is the meaning of "snob factor" here?

    Did Eve firstly question if the diners come to this restaurant because of food or the high-class of this place but finally she figured out that the food might be a major factor that brought people coming in, right?

    Tks. :)

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    It might be the food or the appeal of the place as one to be seen in.

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