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    Football glosary and other stuff

    Well got some questions, some of them concerning football.

    Well the first question is:

    I thought the word 'stove' was American English and that it was called a 'cooker' in British English. However I have seen the word stove used several times, in British English. So how about it?

    profound that means deeply or strong,

    His feeling about it was most profound.

    Is that right?

    And then I would like to get to know some of the words used when talking about football (also called soccer).


    Cross-in (when you play a high ball into the field so that the striker can head it into goal)

    Counter Attack (when the one team make a swift attack just after the other team has been heavily dominating with a lot of their players up front)

    and so on...

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    Re: Football glosary and other stuff

    In British English, the cooker is the whole apparatus, the stove is the top part of it, with (usually) four rings, and the oven is the interior section used fror baking and roasting. But sometimes people use the words stove or oven to mean the whole thing, as in American English.

    Yes, you can express profound sentiments, think profound thoughts, and have profound insight into something.

    I'm afraid I'm not that good on football terminology, nor is it quite clear what you need. You should log on to a (British?) site that reports on matches to get up to date on that. Good luck!

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    Re: Football glosary and other stuff

    You could try this for soccer terms: Soccer Glossary

    Or this: Soccer Action Terms – A Basic Reference Guide

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    Re: Football glosary and other stuff

    more soccer words :

    lunge = a term for dangerous tackle, usually resulting in yellow or red
    jersey= another word for team uniform
    headbut = what zidane did in the world cup to materazzi
    knock = hurt/minor injury
    dive = pretend to fall to get a penalty/card

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    Re: Football glosary and other stuff

    There's a good site here that does football for English learners: - english through soccer


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