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    to each their own

    I am currently working on a title for a fine art print show. I considered using the title "To Each Their Own" to highlight the different types of work. One member said that the title was grammatically incorrect.

    Upon doing a bit of searching in the idiom realm, and found "each to his own" seems to be the appropriate use. But I have also found "to each their own" (the original title) used frequently, and would like keep it. This show will have a large attendance, so I would like to be able to say something if the grammar of the title is brought into dicussion.

    Any advice?

    Thank you


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    Re: to each their own

    "To Each his Own" would be grammatically correct. The problem with "To Each Their Own" is that "they/their" may be used as a neutral pronoun so it might not connect in people's minds with plural artists. And I am not quite sure how it indicates what you want to say.

    However, if you really want it, then use it.


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