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    end of the stick


    1) "As far as food went, peabody had the better end of the stick"

    What does this mean? As long as Peabody has something to eat, she can do better of boring jobs??

    2) Surely on the very brave or very stylish would wear that lemon-foam shade in a city like New York, where grime just sprang up off the asphalt and clung to any available surface like a leach to flesh.

    What does the "lemon-foam shade" here mean? sunshades? or suit in lemon color? what is the lemon-foam? by the way, what the lemon stuff is supposed to do wit the asphalt in New York City that clung like leach (or leech) to flesh??

    3) What does it mean to "play the sins of the fathers in your head"?? Does it mean to think about bad things fathers had done to them, like parental abuse??

    Tks, :)

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    1- had the better food, or more of it
    2- it would mean the colour- a ligh yellow that would get dirty easily
    3- we talk about visitin the sins of the father on the children, so playing this in your head would be feeling guilty about things one's parents had done, I think.

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