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    Question "Same difference" ?

    What are the differences between 'Same thing' and 'Same difference'?
    Also, could someone provide and explain an example of it in a sentence?

    Would 'same difference' be correct to use in the following example:

    Ben: I didn't throw the pen from the clip board, I slid it off, onto the desk.
    Mary: Same difference.

    I'm posting this because 'same difference' is a term I've often heard, but usually don't understand in the context people use it in, and am seeking insight.



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    Smile Re: "Same difference" ?

    Same thing oviously means that two objects or meanings are alike. Same difference is more of a slang term, but basically it means the two objects have the same differences, or lack there of. In other words, objects that have the same things will also have the same differences. Hope that helped a little.

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