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    need help

    i failed a grammar usage test i need help understanding direct objects subject compliments and object of the preposistion and how to identify them in a sentence

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    Re: need help

    There are a few easy tricks.

    Objects are nouns, and they occur in two positions, (1) after a verb and (2) after a preposition.

    It's easy to find preposition in a sentence. They represent everything a cat can do. For example, up, down, over, around, behind, inside, by, at, and so on. The noun that comes after one of those words is the preposition's object.

    Ex: I went in the store.
    Ex: Go around the fence.

    There are two main categories of verbs, those that express states like 'feel, become, is' and those that express actions like 'eat, run, swim'. The nouns that come after action, or "dynamic" verbs are called objects and nouns that comes after stative verbs are called subject complements.

    Ex: The dog bit the cat. [Dynamic verb + object]
    Ex: The dog is a Poodle. [Stative verb + subject complement]

    Stative verbs translate as X = Y. For example, the dog = a poodle.


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