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    "That's my business from now on"

    Hello, teachers.
    I have a question about the following dialog.

    (There has been an earthquake in a small Mexican town, during which a murder was commited. Captain Perona is explaining the circumstances of the murder to those who are concerned, then Amanda Tracy, a very rude female painter who lives in the town and suspects a man named Doan is a murderer tells the captain to arrest him.)
    Amanda Tracy: "I'm staying here, fancy-pants, because the roof came off my house. Only Doan, thank God, wasn't around to shove me under it when it started to fall. You'd better pinch him, Perona, before he kills all the rest of us."
    Captain Perona: "Mind your own business."
    Amanda Tracy: "All right. How about the earthquake, then? That's my business from now on."
    Captain Perona: "All rescue work has been organized completely by the military...."

    I am not sure what Amanda means by "That's my business from now on". Is she saying that since arresting a murderer is not her business, she will just talk or ask about the earthquake?

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    Re: "That's my business from now on"

    Hi imchongjun

    You are correct.

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