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    Writing Business Letters

    Good Afternoon,

    I am trying to find out the formal rules for writing a business letter. Exacly how many lines down on the page, how many spaces in between items. For example, would you start a letter on line 19 and then put your address, and then drop down two lines and put the address of the person the letter is going to then two spaces below that you would enter the date and then two spaces after that you enter Dear... and then two spaces after that you start the letter and then after the last line, its two spaces and theh you enter the regards, and then four spaces later you put your name and sign right underneath and then two spaces after that you put enc.

    I am looking for the exact rules of thumb for the structure of a business letter.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Question about formal rules

    You cannot be absolute in these matters. The business letterhead plus the placing of the window in the envelope plus the length of the letter itself will govern positioning of various parts of business letters.

    However, a norm can be stated for one or two line spaces between the last line of the recipient's address and the salutation, one line space to the start of the letter; one line space between the end of the letter and the complimentary ending, 4 or five line spaces for the signature.

    Work out what you like the letter to look like, and then use that as your template.

    See here: Formal Letter Writing - Articles -

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    Re: Writing Business Letters


    the link is very helpful. Thank you.

    Btw, I am not the guy who posed the question about this.

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