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    Loose and Periodic sentences

    I need some help figuring out if these sentences are loose or periodic. I made them up using some vocabulary words for my English.

    1. Queen Elizabeth I’s soldiers were august when she gave them her speech at Tilbury.
    2. The benison Queen Elizabeth I gave her subjects gave them the will to fight for their motherland against Spain.
    3. The blatant disruptions during the AP study session ticked Ms. Phelps off, and caused her to end it early, with no explanation of the answers to the questions.
    4. “Slaughter House Five” has a very desultory order of events.
    5. It is a well-known fact that most people in our school disparagingly talk about each other behind their backs.
    6. Many different people can interpret “Slaughter House Five” in different ways, making the novel have many equivocal meanings.
    7. It was an importune gesture when Javier tried to ask Ms. Phelps to secretly raise his grade.
    8. One shouldn’t be mistaken that post-modernism are ingenuous ideas, but are more likely reformations of modernism ideas.
    9. You can infer that it was inure for Billy Pilgrim to break away from war life, to a normal life.
    10. In war, paroxysms are common among battling nations.
    11. Queen Elizabeth I has a piety with God; she uses “We” to describe herself and God together.
    12. Post-modernism stultifies novels to make them satirical and humorous.
    13. Javier had to surcease from cheating on tests and homework because he had finally gotten caught.
    14. War is a truculent way of settling affairs between nations.
    15. Javier had to vacillate between the variety of presents he had to choose from to give to his mom for Mother’s Day.
    16. If I don’t get at least an eight-out-of-ten on this assignment, my wraith will haunt you until death.
    Also, are all these sentences in active voice?

    Any comments, suggestions, advice, etc. is welcome. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Loose and Periodic sentences

    Quote Originally Posted by fimplix View Post
    You can infer that it was inure for Billy Pilgrim to break away from war life, to a normal life.

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