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  1. tinayng

    A Brief Survy about learning English. Please help!

    Hi everyone!
    Please take a few moments to answer the following ten multiple choice questions. Or you can go to my website to do this survey:
    Thank you very much!!!

    A Brief Survey of Learner Beliefs about English Learning in the Classroom

    1. I have learned English formally for ____ years. My English level is ____ (A. beginning B. low intermediate C. intermediate D. high intermediate E. advanced)

    Rate the following statements with:
    A. Strongly Agree B. Agree C. Neither Agree nor Disagree D. Disagree E. Strongly Disagree

    2. I believe that an English teacherís knowledge about English is more important than the way he/she teaches.
    3. I believe that the more chance I get to speak English in class, the better I learn.
    4. I believe that the teacher should correct me every time when I make oral errors.
    5. I believe that the teacher should not be too picky about my pronunciation. Itís ok as long as others can understand what I am saying.
    6. I believe that talking about anything that is irrelevant to the textbook in the class is a waste of time.
    7. I believe itís important for the teacher to provide clear, frequent, and precise presentations of grammatical structures.
    8. I believe itís necessary to incorporate English-speaking culture in the classroom.
    9. I believe that the most important part of learning English is learning its vocabulary.
    10. When working in a group, I donít think I can learn much from my partners in the group.

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