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    Smile food and numbers

    hello everybody,
    I have three doubts:
    1) as far as I know the word "food" is generally used in the singular, but I found a passage were it was always used with the s of the plural ( for example " vegetarians include plant foods in their diet"). Is that correct and common ?
    2) Take the number 1.87 .Is it correct to read one point eight seven ? Is it also possible to read one point eighty seven?
    3) the difference between nought and zero. Nought is used in Maths, zero in countdowns and temperature. Is this correct? Or should I distinguish them saying that nought is BE and zero AM?
    Thank you very much in advance for your help

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    Re: food and numbers

    Hi cenerentola

    1) Food is a non-count noun, true, but it can take an -s, especially when used in the food industry (i.e., frozen foods). The phrase 'plant foods' is a new one for me, but it fits the rule.

    2) one-point-eight-seven is OK but the common way to say it is one-point-eight-seven.

    3) We don't use 'nought' in AmE. (I don't know the rule in BrE. Sorry.)

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