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Thread: plz help me!

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    Exclamation plz help me!

    hi to all
    plz help me
    i have to translate these questions to arabic but i can't underdtand the meaning of century here.. i know that century means a period of time aqual to 100 years..but here in these lines it seems different!!
    can you help me
    here is the questions:

    1-when did sunil gavaskar make his last century?
    2-who was the bowler when gavaskar completed his century?
    3- how many runs did he make to complete his century?

    plz translate them for me:)) and I'll be grateful:))

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    Re: plz help me!

    Welcome to the forums.

    In cricket a century is 100 runs.

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    Smile Re: plz help me!

    thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks alot alot alot alot alot alot
    I don't know what to say to u
    u really helped me!
    I appreciate that:))))


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