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    Post Difficult word and sentences?

    Hello, I am studying English and getting prepared myself for taking a TOIEC test. I am reading a comic book to improve my reading skills, but is very difficult because there are some slangs, phrases and words I just don't understand:

    1.- In the comic book 2 characters were fighting each other, one was a girl and another was an animal, a kind of bear. The bear understood English but It couldn't talk. There were some guys around them looking the fight and they seemed scared. In the middle of the battle, the girl said "You are scaring them spitless"

    What does it mean "spitless"?

    2.- In another part of the book, two sisters were talking about an old guy, who had just arrived to their home and was talking with their father. They didn't know anything about the guy, so one of the sisters asked "Hey sister, Do you know who is that old guy" and the another sister just answered "Got me"

    I don't understand "Got me" at all, What does it mean?

    3.- Finally, in another part of the book, 2 characters were yelling at each other, they were girlfriend and boyfriend, both are kind of superheros and around them were some friends. Suddenly the man told her "You are the most uncute girl in the world". The girl just got mad and smashed him with a great rock. The man got unconscious and one friend of him said "Now that he had coming"

    I don't understand the last phrase, What does it mean "Now that he had coming"? I don't know the grammatical structure.

    Any help is welcome.
    Thanks in advance
    Have a good day

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    Re: Difficult word and sentences?

    Have you ever been very frightened and had your mouth go completely dry? You have no saliva, you have no "spit" - you are "spitless."

    Actually, there's another word that's more commonly used here, but it's a rude word, so the comic book was trying to keep it clean.

    "Got me" means I have no idea, I have no information on that, I can't tell you because I don't know myself, etc.

    "He had it coming" means he deserved what he got. The "now" was just an introductory word with no real meaning.

  3. isc28240

    Re: Difficult word and sentences?

    Thank you very much

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