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    I need u help plz

    well, im preparing my final paper and I've created a questionnaire, but my professor said that it should be based on a reliable resource.
    I've referred to many resources actually and I don't know whether it is right way or wrong.There are 10 questions and my prof. said that there should be more than 10. And, i really need to know the notes of the participants for every questions so my questionnaire is like agree & notes and disagree and notes because I don't want the participants just write the agree or disagree word wihout the reasons plus im not a teacher for those participants, im just a student and a professor of a university volunteer to let the students to participate.

    plz i really need some guidences T^T

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    Re: I need u help plz

    Do you want to post it in the Writing and Editing forum for comment?

    There is really not enough information for anyone to know how to help at present.


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