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    Straw Man

    Could you please how to use the word "Straw Man" ?

    If you could provide some examples, really appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Straw Man

    Welcome to the forums.

    Brown has proved a straw man in recent weeks.

    It has the meaning that a person is a weakling, one who is all facade, no substance; also, a false issue or phony candidate set up to be easily knocked down. It probably comes from the farmer's scarecrow, and from its military use as a false target set up to draw enemy fire.

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    Re: Straw Man

    It has a meaning in the world of business jargon too.

    I guess from that same meaning of the thing created to draw enemy fire, it's like a first draft or an outline, whose purpose is to be "shot at" and refined so that a final draft (or even a more final outline) will be the result.

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    Re: Straw Man

    Hi brmanikandan,

    There is another alternative.

    slaměn vdovica or slaměn vdovec - a "straw widow or widower". That is a woman or a man whose spouse is temporarily away, say on business. For this English has a similar phrase: a grass widow/er.

    grass widow: Definition and Much More from



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