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    premium content?

    The article is premium content
    Hi, Does premium content mean I should pay for the article for reading? I fail to locate a suitable entry for " premium". Which entry is close? Thanks!


    (1)A prize or an award.
    (2)Something offered free or at a reduced price as an inducement to buy something else.
    (3)A sum of money or bonus paid in addition to a regular price, salary, or other amount.
    (4)The amount paid, often in addition to the interest, to obtain a loan.See Synonyms at bonus
    (5)The amount paid or payable, often in installments, for an insurance policy.
    (6)The amount at which something is valued above its par or nominal value, as money or securities.
    (7)The amount at which a securities option is bought or sold.
    (8)Payment for training in a trade or profession.
    (9)An unusual or high value:

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    Re: premium content?

    In this context, the entry no 9. is corresponds with your phrase. Premium content often means something extra, of high value something you have to pay extra money for...

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