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    What is the different between
    a gondola and a cable car?

    and how do you pluraized gondola? Just by adding an s?

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    Re: gondola

    A gondola is one of the boats they use in Venice and you can make it plural with -s.

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    Re: gondola

    It is also a word used for workers to clean the outer glass wall of a building, isn't it?

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    Re: gondola

    Are you referring to the cables strung up a mountain, which carry passengers up the mountain in cars, as to the top of Zugspitze in Germany? The actual passenger compartment, the cabin, is called a 'gondola' in some countries.

    'cable car' refers to the whole transportation system, typically one traveling up and down a mountain, in which cabins are suspended on a continuous moving cable driven by a motor at one end of the route on such a system, as in in San Francisco, but the individual passenger cars are not called gondolas, but...cable cars!


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