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    meaning of "before"

    Hi teachers~ I have trouble understanding the sentence highlighted. the conj "before" didn't seem to mean "earlier than the time" in this situation, am I right? But I can't figure out its exact meaning.

    However, whether in business or in Bollywood, Chatwal clearly enjoys his extravagant lifestyle. " Your reputation going before you can make you a target," he says "But to me that is a lot better than ho-hum."

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    Re: meaning of "before"

    In this sentence, it means 'ahead of you, in front of you."
    Also, as in:
    He thought he was going to die, and his life flashed before his eyes. (It is a common belief that those facing death have the experience of all that they have done in their lives flashes before them like a movie on high speed.)

    He stood before the Queen and bowed.

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