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    Yes, Ma'am or Yes Ma'am?

    That is the question?

    My girlfriend believes the proper punctuation is Yes, Ma'am is linguistically correct. I on the other hand think, (and she is far better at this than I), that it can be either way; Yes,(comma) Ma'am or Yes(no comma) Ma'am depending on sentence structure.

    My question is which way is it and what are the rules that determine how to properly write it?


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    Re: Yes, Ma'am or Yes Ma'am?

    Correctly there is a comma when a person is addressed by name or title in dialogue.

    Hello, Harry, how are you

    Hey, Gina, long time no see.

    Yes, George, you are right.

    No, sir.

    Yes, ma'am.

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    Re: Yes, Ma'am or Yes Ma'am?

    By the way, it is pronounced with a short A, not a long one.

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