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    Smile approval letter for a quotation

    sir how can i write a approval letter for the quoation please help me
    thanking you

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    Re: approval letter for a quotation

    Welcome to the forums.

    Do you mean like this:

    Dear XXXX,

    Thank you for your letter dated 10 May, providing a quotation of [xxxx] for printing the journal.

    This figure is within our budget and we would like to accept your quotation. We will be providing the material within the next month, and will contact you with it as soon as we have completed our preparation. Please let us know your proposed schedule for proofing.

    Please note that we expect completion by 25 June in order to ensure publication on 31 June.

    Yours sincerely,

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    Talking Re: approval letter for a quotation

    wow ! acaullaty Nice Letter ... I wanna know how u know all that

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